Candelsticks by Artilleriet

For several years, Artilleriet has been looking for that special and perfect candlestick. They wanted something with high quality, one with classic shape that will last for generations. Of course they decided to design it themselves.

Each candlestick is carefully handmade and locally done in Sweden. They named it TOTEM and comes with different sizes.

These magical candlesticks are perfect for Christmas decorations or any holiday party.


Creativity – pass it on

 I love how we adults give the tools to our kids and let there imagination go beyond. Letting them be free and allowing them to think freely without any limitations. 

Today I wanted to share something very special that I’m very proud of. My very talented son has painted this white pot and also planted his own strawberry plant. Every day he is talking care of this beautiful plant and gives it water. One of his first responsibilities. 

I’m truly amazed by his creativity and his responsibility. I love you. 


With so many apartments on the market in Stockholm, I found this candy in Strandvägen. This apartment is designed by architects who have lived here since it was built in 2012. So every detail is well thought through and the materials carefully chosen.  The floors in every room is bright of steel-glazed concrete with underfloor heating, which makes the floor feel warm and cozy. Perfect for Swedish winters. The ceiling has 4 large windows giving a nice light.  The apartment has its own ventilation system that recycles the heat and filters the city air before it is taken in.

For sale via Fantastic Frank.










Christian Dior Suite

One of my favorite brands during college was Christian Dior. I had almost all the cosmetic accessories, perfumes and bags.

Now take a look at this fantastic Suite that I will defiantly visit, The Christian Dior Suite. A space of 400 square meters luxury with beautiful details and Hungarian wood floors, fabrics like velvet and silk. Chairs by famous Louis XVI medallion silver and grey. Everything has been designed elegently to represent Christian Dior – savoir-faire.






Marble in the kitchen

I’m a big fan of marble. The floors in every room in our house and in the kitchen is made of marble. Even some parts of our outdoor exterior is made of marble.

The world’s leading brand Silestone, launched late March 2017 a collection of exotic marbles in the natural stone, Eternal. This time for the kitchen but you can also use it for any bathroom and the patterns will beautifully compliment these areas.

Eternal range is made up of several shades, Eternal Calacatta Gold, Eternal Statuario, Charcoal Soapstone, Pearl Jasmine, Eternal Calacatta Classic, Eternal Serena, and Eternal Marquina.




Bathroom – a spa getaway

For me a bathroom is a spa getaway, a place were you create harmony and silence. There are so many ways to design a bathroom, by simply choosing colors, creating a design or just changing the details. When it comes to decor, mirrors are a necessity in the bathroom. Not only because you want to look at yourself in the mirror but also for that special look or making you bathroom look bigger or more luxurious. They can also help you to bring in light. Also remember that your lightning doesn’t have to be dull and don’t be afraid to have chandelier in your bathroom or mood lightning. There are so many options and styles out there to make your room pleasurable and unique. Try to change towels often so they look clean and fresh. If you like color then stick to a color scale that works with each other.

Here are some of mine favorite bathroom ideas.



My old chairs

While I have been traveling all over the world, I have been taking some souvenirs with me from different kind of cultures. For example some of these chairs are from France and some are from Sweden. And of course these gorgeous chairs were old and very shabby because they had served their purpose for a long time. I might also add that they were all brown. I took all these chairs to our summer house and painted them in beautiful calm, bright and fresh colors. With a little bit of work, you can convert any old funiture into a designer piece, which is unique and surely unrecognizable.

Don’t turn your back on old furniture.

Love/ T


My garden

I am a person who usually looks at the bright side of life, accepting everything with a smile and I always have something going on around me. Something that works like a therapy for me is being in the nature, or in my own garden with my kids. I really love to get them involved with everything that is “green”, like how to take care of the flowers in the garden, how much water our lemon tree need etc.

I always say that Mother Nature is for free and always available as therapy for all of us. Nature is a place for relaxation and spa for me, a place to go to and find inner peace. We all need the fresh air and exercise to feel good so my dear; go out there and take care of yourself and when you take care of yourself then you can handle anything. Do what you love. Feel what you exactly need, and listen to it. Be kind to yourself because you are the only one who can.

Here are some pictures from earlier today from our garden. I had two phenomenal assistants, my babies.



Wood Wick fragrant candle is from Virginia Candles which is one of the largest American light manufacturers. They are of course well known and popular because of it’s high quality and great fragrances, the minimum size is burning in the entire 40 hours. Meaning that the candles have a long burn time – fantastic.  These unique candles comes with luxurious design where glass meets wood.

These candles are just perfect to give away to someone special or for Valentine’s Day. A gift for yourself as everyday luxury in your home.

Oh, did I forget to mention that its wooden wick also crackles like a fireplace to keep you feeling cozy?! Breathtaking.





Modern retro is really growing in popularity especially this year. Dutch Serax has launched a new collection of ’70s-influenced rustic, unglazed and glazed ceramics. The passion and love for food has brought Serax and the top chef Sergio Herman together for collaboration and creativity of this gorgeous collection.

Sergio say that the collection is a very personal project for him, the result of years of desire to create and surprise. His inspiration comes from nature of Zeeland with its rough textures and beautiful imperfections. The collections has it all and every surface tells a story.