Today, I wanted to write about herbs/greens and the importance of eating them.

I have this friend that always laughs when he sees that I have all these herbs on my kitchen island. He calls me a sheep and gets really those big eyes every time he sees the amount of herbs I have at home. His behavior is understandable because he never grew up eating them. Me on the other hand grew up with a mum that introduced me to all the herbs and now I introduce them to my kids. I remember how proud my mum was every time she planted the herbs among a bunch of other things, like tomatoes and leek etc. Now I’m passing this on to my own kids. I always tell them that a herb garden is like the jewel of the garden, a constant source of aromas and flavors. Natures very own scents and beauty.

Herbs are really good ingredients that increases the nutritional value of your food. They are good for your blood as they help purify it. They are also rich in vitamins, minerals, water and fiber. Sometimes we tend to forget that many of our most common medicines come from the plant kingdom.

…..be like me, the sheep who eats a lots of herbs….



What is you favorite color when it comes to kitchen? Do you like cold or warm tones??! Do you like to combine colors or different materials?

As you can see this kitchen is red, combined with, silver, black, white and grey. The flooring is black and some grey lines here and there. Now the previous owner loved the color combo. As I always say there is no bad taste, only different taste and opinion about what is beautiful and what is not depending on who is looking.

Now, I’m going to change everything about the kitchen area including the flooring and the lightening. So, where do we start?! It’s important to look at the entire floor plan of the apartment. How does it look and which rooms are closest to the kitchen. Maybe you want to make the kitchen bigger?!! In that case is there a wall that can be knocked out?!!

In this kitchen I have the opportunity to draw an island, if you have the same opportunity, do it!! Because the kitchen island offers so many benefits, more work space, extra storage and best of all a social place where you can gather your family and friends for different occasions.

The kitchen will be very personal and creative fully designed by me and then detailed with an architect. It will be rich in custom details. By the way; the custom built-in cabinets will be featured throughout the home. Special designed kitchen cabinets are the best place to make a unique investment in your project because the payoff is big both in feeling and value creation.

Stay tuned for the final result.


Tropical tree

My by far favorite tree is the Palm tree and my second favorite tree is the Olive tree. You could say that I’m crazy about them. We have actually a big Olive tree that we planted in our garden couple of years ago, which even has a name, and we have a lot of palm trees in different sizes. Of course these beautiful trees needs a consistently warm climate, just like me. I love the sun, the sand, the beach, the ocean, the ocean breeze that kisses your cheeks and the palm trees. All priceless! This is the way I associate the palm trees with myself; being where they are, in a warm and relaxing atmosphere. I just love looking up at those incredibly huge leaves and dream away.

I took some fotos (actually a lot ) from our recent trips to Dubai and I thought i’d share them with you. Enjoy them like I do.

Tell me about your favorite tree?!!!



My beautiful reader,

First of all, thank you very much for your commitment and your writing to me during all these years. I’m all back again.

We have been moving all around the world, working, building up and meeting new people with new connections. It’s been such an amazing experience; new cultures, new environments, new traditions and new everything. I have been on and off very busy with new projects, but mostly I have been focusing on getting back to what I love the most: ART. When this hole thing with Corona virus started, and just continued and continued, I wanted to focus my thoughts on a special subject. And so I did. (Of course I didn’t only focus on one thing but you probably know what I mean.)

What I noticed while I painted is that I can express emotions and feelings that sometimes seems to be hard for people to vocalize, like in “the real world” (Quote by my kids, referring to the world outside internet and games)….Some can’t even write their feelings, their story, their words, their emotions…. Maybe sometimes just because they have a lot to say but they don’t know how to say it. I believe it’s not easy, it is hard. Through painting these feelings become like magic, they all come out in a form that everyone can understand and appreciate. At least for me…sometimes we don’t need words to say anything, it’s better to visualize them. This is how I paint feelings and how I tell you the story. This is also true for other artists, when you look at their paintings, you can see how the artist was feeling and what mood he or she was in when they created it. It really is ART, which as a form has no equals.

When I paint I feel calm, I have inner peace, I move myself into that feeling, that place where everything is about creation. Then my feelings draw the shapes on the painting. Painting is about releasing yourself and focusing. Very therapeutic and giving.

Sometimes we paint the most beautiful moments of our lives with beautiful memories. Sometimes we paint sorrow or grief.

You probably think “well… I can capture these moments with a camera?!!!” Yes and no…A photograph “just” captures a moment in time but when you paint you capture a scene, a beautiful memory, a face, lines and circles and beautiful emotions or sad ones. 

For me no art is flawed, what came out is what you feel. Some people can consider what came out as mistakes and they erase and draw again, but for me you then create a new art piece. The feelings that helped create the original are reflected in the painting and I feel that true art shouldn’t be retouched. I compare it with events in our lives, things that happened that we regret or mistakes we made. We are the sum of all our experiences and would you then rather go back and erase them? Or isn’t it much better to learn from them?! Because these errors/mistakes are part of us. They don’t define us but they have helped shaped us, often for the better…it’s raw, naked, natural, authentic and frankly speaking, The truth! Therefore you will always see the pure raw paintings from me, as they were created in the moment.

Always be you and remind yourself that you are who you are because of events in your life; good or bad. Painting gives us the ability to be ourselves, to be free thinkers and explore all our creative sides. Promise yourself to never erase yourself and never forget who you are.


Candelsticks by Artilleriet

For several years, Artilleriet has been looking for that special and perfect candlestick. They wanted something with high quality, one with classic shape that will last for generations. Of course they decided to design it themselves.

Each candlestick is carefully handmade and locally done in Sweden. They named it TOTEM and comes with different sizes.

These magical candlesticks are perfect for Christmas decorations or any holiday party.


Creativity – pass it on

 I love how we adults give the tools to our kids and let there imagination go beyond. Letting them be free and allowing them to think freely without any limitations. 

Today I wanted to share something very special that I’m very proud of. My very talented son has painted this white pot and also planted his own strawberry plant. Every day he is talking care of this beautiful plant and gives it water. One of his first responsibilities. 

I’m truly amazed by his creativity and his responsibility. I love you. 


Concrete bunker – apartment

With so many apartments on the market in Stockholm, I found this candy in Strandvägen. This apartment is designed by architects who have lived here since it was built in 2012. So every detail is well thought through and the materials carefully chosen.  The floors in every room is bright of steel-glazed concrete with underfloor heating, which makes the floor feel warm and cozy. Perfect for Swedish winters. The ceiling has 4 large windows giving a nice light.  The apartment has its own ventilation system that recycles the heat and filters the city air before it is taken in.

For sale via Fantastic Frank.










Christian Dior Suite

One of my favorite brands during college was Christian Dior. I had almost all the cosmetic accessories, perfumes and bags.

Now take a look at this fantastic Suite that I will defiantly visit, The Christian Dior Suite. A space of 400 square meters luxury with beautiful details and Hungarian wood floors, fabrics like velvet and silk. Chairs by famous Louis XVI medallion silver and grey. Everything has been designed elegently to represent Christian Dior – savoir-faire.






Marble in the kitchen

I’m a big fan of marble. The floors in every room in our house and in the kitchen is made of marble. Even some parts of our outdoor exterior is made of marble.

The world’s leading brand Silestone, launched late March 2017 a collection of exotic marbles in the natural stone, Eternal. This time for the kitchen but you can also use it for any bathroom and the patterns will beautifully compliment these areas.

Eternal range is made up of several shades, Eternal Calacatta Gold, Eternal Statuario, Charcoal Soapstone, Pearl Jasmine, Eternal Calacatta Classic, Eternal Serena, and Eternal Marquina.




Bathroom – a spa getaway

For me a bathroom is a spa getaway, a place were you create harmony and silence. There are so many ways to design a bathroom, by simply choosing colors, creating a design or just changing the details. When it comes to decor, mirrors are a necessity in the bathroom. Not only because you want to look at yourself in the mirror but also for that special look or making you bathroom look bigger or more luxurious. They can also help you to bring in light. Also remember that your lightning doesn’t have to be dull and don’t be afraid to have chandelier in your bathroom or mood lightning. There are so many options and styles out there to make your room pleasurable and unique. Try to change towels often so they look clean and fresh. If you like color then stick to a color scale that works with each other.

Here are some of mine favorite bathroom ideas.