MY Art

One of mine mindfulness paintings – abstract painting 160×120 cm (original artwork in acrylics and charcoal) shipping available worldwide. (SOLD)

Today I wanted to talk about mindfulness art painting, meditating with your brush. So, how can you mediate while you are painting??! Have your tools ready, your paper or canvas, your brush, paint, marker and let you energy flow through your brush. Let yourself be in the precent and in the moment. Don’t think, plan or analyze too much. Just let go and then magic happens. Move with the brush as it’s dancing on the canvas or you paper, and let your creative mind do the work.

When you are finished you are probably wondering what you painted?! Well, the answer is that you painted what was inside of you, your feelings and emotions. Your creations is your marks and your drawings is all you. This is how your creativity is born. See, when you paint something you already know is totally different thing. You don’t let your creativity be active, because your are painting something you already know. You are not really learning something new. But when you let your imaginations go beyond, its where you get creative. Just let go and don’t overthink the painting because there is no right or wrong. There is no ugly.

Remember while painting, here and now. Don’t think about what happened couple of days ago or what will happen in near future. HERE AND NOW.

While we are painting, we all have our inner critic and it will tell you probably several times : Oh, that didn’t turn out good or oh that is ugly. But just tell your inner critic, no….. I’m doing just fine. Always remember that there is no errors and no mistakes. This comes from you and your inner self. When you relax and open up yourself your imagination explode with lots of creativity. Be the risk taker and do things in your painting that you normally wouldnt do…..And suddenly boom, there is your art. Beautiful as you. Good luck and let me know how it goes.

Details – close up


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