BACK TO nature

The shades that are close to nature stands for comfort and softness. Beige shades give us calmness and peace in troubled times. You have probably, by now, seen it in every interior design magazine. You might have seen some green, especially mint green, purple and some lighter blue colors close to the colors of nature…

……Let’s go to the basic; back to nature and get ready for full relaxation. Find some peace and let go of fear and worry. Our home is where we recharge, reset and get our energy from. Always choose your colors very carefully because colors evokes emotions and moods. By understanding color theory you can create a place that fits your mood. It is also important to pay attention to the fact that each color has different meanings/effects on different people. The reasons for this are many and depends on factors such as gender, age, culture and life experiences. The truth is that all colors are beautiful and depending on each place they are to be used at, different colors can be the best choice because each color has a special psychological effect on people’s moods. Keep in mind that you are going to live with the color you have chosen for a long time.


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