color psychology

“Mere color, unspoiled by meaning, and unallied with definite form, can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways. ” Oscar Wilde.

Many years ago I attended a course about flowers/colors and their meaning. How the scent and color of flowers make us feel. We learned that a simple bouquet creates a luxurious touch for everyday life and creates well-being and reduces stress, especially for the elderly… We learned color psychology and what connection it has to our emotions.

I’ll give you an example: imagine you walk into a room where the colors of the walls are black and mysterious. You can then quite immediately get a feel for the entire interior, the darkness, the cold, maybe it creates fear, makes you nervous, like a cloud comes over you. You can’t deny that the colors do something with us. Color actually, subconsciously, affects us every day – how we feel, how we behave towards ourselves and others around us. Colors really play an important role and they have an active presence in our lives. Colors allow us to understand the environment that we are in, unconsciously connect to the feelings they create and gain information about the spaces. You can ask any artist or designer if they believe that colors have psychological effects on human behavior and I believe that most of them will tell you that it does. I really do believe that positive colors can increase your motivation and creativity. If you are in a slump you can get out of it by surrounding yourself with the right colors.

Why I’m I talking colors with you?…… The reason why the red/black kitchen (see my previous blog about kitchen renovation) was removed was precisely because of the colors and what they do to you. Again, not because they are bad colors or ugly…..But because the red color quickly catches your attention, imagine just like a red Ferrari passing you by. You will see it! We very rarely forget when we saw the color red, because when we see the color it can indirectly cause stress and anxiety. Now I’m not saying that as soon as you see red, you will feel bad, NO. I mean that you can get the feeling. The red color stands for passion and strength. It creates a “party” atmosphere, probably why the red carpet is rolled out when the celebrities enter. The important thing is that you don’t have to much of the red so it doesn’t take over the interior and details of your home.

So, talking about the feelings colors can give you, you can divide them into warm and cold colors. The core warm colors are orange, red and yellow. On the opposite side you have the core cold colors, which are blue, green and purple. So let’s return to the analogy about the the room…. When you step into a room with a warm color, you will get a feeling that you are welcomed, almost like it embraces you. Because the warm colors make the room feel smaller, somehow closer, near and narrow. But when you choose cold tones for a room you immediately get a feeling that the room is bigger and “colder”.

With all that begin said, I want to wish you a colorful and amazing day. Sending you a virtual flower wherever you are.

(Do you think that color has an important impact on our emotions and behaviors) ?

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