A perfect balance

The kitchen has always been the center of our home. It’s where we start our day in the morning, with cozy breakfast, with coffee or tea or maybe lit some candles. This is where I start my day, preparing the breakfast for my kids, we all sit together and talk about everything we will do during the day, getting prepared and organized… THAT beautiful moment of just talking…it’s where we hang out and socializes near the kitchen Island. I even usually blog in the kitchen too.

I think the kitchen is as important to you too as it’s is for me. I truly believe that it’s the heart of the home.

Now, please let me present to you our finished and ready kitchen, the one I blogged about renovating and then about the progress. It now has a timeless design and incredibly beautiful and smart design solutions. I really love how the kitchen turned out. Modern glamour yet cozy, personal and chic. The feeling is just unbeatable! The earthy colors and warmth was the key elements for me when I started the renovation. All details are in perfect harmony and I think it strikes the perfect balance between the stone and the wood.



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