Interior design presentation

I’m an international Interior Designer, whom has lived and worked in Stockholm, London, New York, Zurich and Barcelona.

I always start each project with an initial meeting with the client, either through a phone call if its international or at the property. This is an initial opportunity to discuss the project in detail and take the brief. We also discuss outline budgets and time scale so that the project can progress smoothly. This meeting is followed up with a written proposal to the client.

Once all elements are agreed with the client, the project moves to the specification stage. I design and specify for the client to sign-off. Samples are presented for discussion and client approval. We can arrange for the client to see / feel all specified items as relevant. At this stage we also can propose, curate and install accessories as required.

Once the details have been agreed upon a detailed cost plan is presented. This sets out the cost of each individual element per room and a summarized project total.

Progress of the project is managed and monitored on site on a regular basis and any issues arising in the course of the project are resolved in a timely and pragmatic manner in order to maintain quality and programme.

With construction and decoration completed I arrange for a full site clean before installing window treatments and carpets. I then coordinate the delivery and positioning of all furniture and furnishings. I often curate artwork and home accessories at this stage as well, to create the finished look, or I can dress your new interior with your existing treasures, to give each room your own personal stamp.

If you are interested in hiring me as an Interior designer please don’t hesitate to contact me on


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