What is you favorite color when it comes to kitchen? Do you like cold or warm tones??! Do you like to combine colors or different materials?

As you can see this kitchen is red, combined with, silver, black, white and grey. The flooring is black and some grey lines here and there. Now the previous owner loved the color combo. As I always say there is no bad taste, only different taste and opinion about what is beautiful and what is not depending on who is looking.

Now, I’m going to change everything about the kitchen area including the flooring and the lightening. So, where do we start?! It’s important to look at the entire floor plan of the apartment. How does it look and which rooms are closest to the kitchen. Maybe you want to make the kitchen bigger?!! In that case is there a wall that can be knocked out?!!

In this kitchen I have the opportunity to draw an island, if you have the same opportunity, do it!! Because the kitchen island offers so many benefits, more work space, extra storage and best of all a social place where you can gather your family and friends for different occasions.

The kitchen will be very personal and creative fully designed by me and then detailed with an architect. It will be rich in custom details. By the way; the custom built-in cabinets will be featured throughout the home. Special designed kitchen cabinets are the best place to make a unique investment in your project because the payoff is big both in feeling and value creation.

Stay tuned for the final result.


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