Today, I wanted to write about herbs/greens and the importance of eating them.

I have this friend that always laughs when he sees that I have all these herbs on my kitchen island. He calls me a sheep and gets really those big eyes every time he sees the amount of herbs I have at home. His behavior is understandable because he never grew up eating them. Me on the other hand grew up with a mum that introduced me to all the herbs and now I introduce them to my kids. I remember how proud my mum was every time she planted the herbs among a bunch of other things, like tomatoes and leek etc. Now I’m passing this on to my own kids. I always tell them that a herb garden is like the jewel of the garden, a constant source of aromas and flavors. Natures very own scents and beauty.

Herbs are really good ingredients that increases the nutritional value of your food. They are good for your blood as they help purify it. They are also rich in vitamins, minerals, water and fiber. Sometimes we tend to forget that many of our most common medicines come from the plant kingdom.

…..be like me, the sheep who eats a lots of herbs….


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