Restoration Hardware

Restoration Hardware is one of my top choices when it comes to interior design. They have almost everything for your beautiful home!

I was recently there and just happened to purchase a lot 😉 I bought linens, towels, chairs and two dining tables. Once I’m there I never get out empty handed. I’m also in love with their amazing lightning but this time I didn’t buy any.


Chaise ( comes from French chaise longue, “long chair”). With that been said, I just had to share this beautiful Cannes chaise by Ralph Lauren with you.

Chaises are perfect compliment for your bedroom, walk-in closet or your living room. It is a must for the trendy and modern home.


You’re a class all your own…..

Larsen was founded by Jack Lenor Larsen. He started his career in the 1950s. He became known for his experimental waving techniques. He got his knowledge through being inspired and influenced by different cultures all over the world.

These fab wallpapers, printed fabrics and upholstery fabrics are modern, elegant and quite masculine if you ask me. They are perfectly suited for the modern, clean designed, home style.

Click here ( )if you want to know more about Larsen.

Decorative Voluspa candles

Freshen up your home with decorative Voluspa candles. Seduce your senses by adding these fabulous candles that also have superb luxury packaging.

Give this aroma candle a chance and I promise you that you will love them as much as I do.

Christmas Gifts

Why spend hours running for best Christmas Gifts when all you need is Versace…

Unique fabrics

To all fabric lovers……
Always invest in quality and unique fabrics, if you want it to be a success.

Here are some inspirational pictures by Rubelli that I love and work with.

Master Bath

Do you need some inspiration for your Master Bath?! These beautiful accessories by Ann Sacks are really exiting and so sophisticated. I hope that this will give you the right “tools” to beautify your house.


I love these patterned towels by Missoni. They got huge range of elements from fabrics to furnishings.

The bathroom picture is a good example how you can use them. It is from one of my designed homes.

Enjoy life!

Remember to pause and appreciate everything in life even the small things. Appreciate the moments while they’re right there in front of you.


Bathtubs can be the compliment piece in a bathroom.

Are you building a new bathroom or redoing the one you already have?! Use the right decoration and element if you have small bathroom. You could have white color or use glasses/mirrors to create wider space. If you use many colors your bathroom will look much smaller.

This beautiful master bathroom is designed by Locati Architects.