Living room makeover

Living room makeover

A living room is a family room and who says it should be boring?! You can always transform or change your living room into the spot chosen by everybody in your family. By doing so you will create a more enjoyable place for your loved ones.

Today I’m sharing some before and after pictures, and some tricks in order to show you my thoughts.

When I entered this charming living area I noticed the height and the big windows, which lightens up the room. I really wanted to soften up this room and create more space but also wealth at the same time.

I added a huge exclusive and carefully chosen carpet to make the room feel bigger than it previously felt. I also avoided unnecessary items. By choosing a luxurious chandler I expanded the feeling of height. But certainly not least choosing fabrics for the curtains, here I used fabric from Larsen. I altered the height and widths of the rods, which led to a longer and wider downfall of the curtains. This expands the feeling of height and width of the room, which makes it look much more luxury and airy.

Always try to be playful when implementing new ideas and never forget to inject elements of your own personality.

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