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With so many apartments on the market in Stockholm, I found this candy in Strandvägen. This apartment is designed by architects who have lived here since it was built in 2012. So every detail is well thought through and the materials carefully chosen.  The floors in every room is bright of steel-glazed concrete with underfloor heating, which makes the floor feel warm and cozy. Perfect for Swedish winters. The ceiling has 4 large windows… Read More

About 60 years ago Bolon was founded by Nils-Erik Eklund in Stockholm, Sweden. Nowadays, since 2003, his grand daughters Annica and Marie has taken over the business, which previously also was run by their parents. These two ladys really have kept the spirit alive. The production is based in Ulricehamn, Sweden. When you check out their home page you will notice that their flooring really is designed for many environments; homes, offices, hotels, museums… Read More

Hello my friend, We arrived a couple of hours ago from NYC to our beautiful home in the heart of Stockholm. It’s a bit cold here, yet enjoyable. The reason why I’m talking about the weather is that Swedes loves to complain about the weather. How is the weather where you live?! Or is it even winter?!!! Today I you invite you into our home! Come on in for the grand tour… Read More