My garden

I am a person who usually looks at the bright side of life, accepting everything with a smile and I always have something going on around me. Something that works like a therapy for me is being in the nature, or in my own garden with my kids. I really love to get them involved with everything that is “green”, like how to take care of the flowers in the garden, how much water our lemon tree need etc.

I always say that Mother Nature is for free and always available as therapy for all of us. Nature is a place for relaxation and spa for me, a place to go to and find inner peace. We all need the fresh air and exercise to feel good so my dear; go out there and take care of yourself and when you take care of yourself then you can handle anything. Do what you love. Feel what you exactly need, and listen to it. Be kind to yourself because you are the only one who can.

Here are some pictures from earlier today from our garden. I had two phenomenal assistants, my babies.



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