Magical color

For the moment I’m inspired by the sea and the life near water! I’m thinking Blue. You obviously don’t need to live near the ocean to decorate your home like it; you can achieve it by simply adding Blue. Any shade of blue can work but my favorite is navy blue.

You can create the feeling of coastal living by adding pillows, curtains, blankets and kitchen textiles. By doing so you can change and renew your home in the easiest way. It is always wonderful to freshen up your home, coming the upcoming spring and summer, with some new decor. Beautiful, simple patterns and bright colors are on the top of my list right now.. As I always often say, “it’s the little things that make the big difference”.

Why not add some navy blue to your home today?!

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2 Comments on “Magical color

  1. You have captured so well, the essence of blue in these pictures, showing a full spectrum to suit all styles.

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