Today at Macy’s furniture

We went to Macy’s furniture today because I wanted to buy their cushion grip rug pad for our beautiful rug that we bought recently. You probably wonder why buying a rug pad?! Well, first of all our rug is handmade and is very sensitive. If you really want to keep the quality of your exclusive rug, not get scratches on your floor, make vacuuming easier, see to it that your rug wont wrinkle, creep or slip you just have to buy this protection in order to extend the life of your rug. It provides dense, cushioned support for your fine rugs of all types. You can also use it over hard floors of all kinds.

And of cause, I couldn’t help myself from looking at more rugs, and accessories and as you can see even my lovely daughter has an excellent taste in rugs 🙂


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